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New, and things.

:x I am all sparkly and new here. It is pretty lonely here though.

1. What most annoys you about internet people? Well, usually people that i/m me and say "asl" They normally get a stream of expletives from me. I make fun of them a lot. "LYKE OMFGZ ASL!? LOZLOZLO." *shudders*
2. What the last substance you spilled on your shirt was...? You know, I honestly can't remember.
3. What your name actually is, and what you'd prefer it to be. Ariana, Adonia
4. Three things that make your life liveable: Music that I like, my online journals, AIM
5. Given the option, which small country you'd like to buy and run? Liechtenstein... Or Iceland. Liechtenstein probably though...Just because it's just so ickle.
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