You May Bask In My Glow (mya_nor) wrote in awaystupid,
You May Bask In My Glow

an intro.

okay i had to join this community!! it looks like a good bickering and sarcastic community to be in.

alrighty then, and now for some answers

1. what most annoys you about internet people
- hmmmm, plenty. especially 30yr old men who like to hit on teenage girls. PEDOFILE!! PEDOFILE!!! i think so yes. and not that i have anything against the foreign people but FEW of them like to hit on tiny kids in the hopes of moving to a better country. it's called WORK YOUR ASS OFF FOOL and then be here but given that they are PEDOFILES, maybe not. you dont see immigrants here or in US getting to where they are just like a snap of their fingers.

2. what the last substance you spilled on your shirt was
- i'm not sure, it could have been tea. no wait, or juice. something as dry as that.

3. what your name actually is, and what you'd prefer it to be
- i like ma name aiiiiiiteee.

4. three things that make your life liveable
- college. so much fun! that i have to stay awake ALL NIGHT to finish an assignment which is due the next day.

5. which small country you'd like to buy and run, given the option.
- let see, NONE. politics is not all bag and chips. it such a pain in the ass. you screw up, people hate you. you dont screw up, you get fanatics who like to stalk you and then later become so insane that they want you.
so yea, i like to live.

aite kids, gosta jet. :)
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