JP Schmack (jpschmack) wrote in awaystupid,
JP Schmack

1. What most annoys you about internet people?
The fact that they type. It shows
a) how they are illiterate and have butchered the language thru slang, ridiculous acronyms and IM-speak. I bet I can click the "last 100 posts" link and copy a sentence that I don't understand a word of that some internet chimp thinks is English. How about: "RU gunna go? U'll have an uber-fun time at MTAC <3" (Not lying this was posted by someone at 1:35 AM. No idea what the hell it means).
b) that the suburban teen angst is alive and well. Oh no, the world is meaningless. Let's paint our face, pierce our nose, dress in black and talk cryptic!
c) why think for yourself, polls and quizzes are all you need!

2. What the last substance you spilled on your shirt was:
Whatever shot that Steve ordered 16 of and started passing out. AnnMarie hit my elbow and I missed. Ruined my only good tie.

3. What your name actually is, and what you'd prefer it to be:
actually Kevin, I'd prefer Lance Uppercut.

4. Three things that make your life liveable:
My brain which enables me to understand the meaning of life and not go all 16 year old "life is meaningless" on everything.
The fact that I have a job in sports.
my sense of humor

5. Which small country you'd like to buy and run, given the option.
Cuba. I'd get rid of the communists, free the people, promote tourism since it's a great tropical location, bring in capitalism in moderation, and smoke great cigars.

I really just wanted to reply to Melted's post, which I'll do in this LJ Cut:

Well the majority of both those links can be summed up with: "anyone trying to appeal to a massive amount of people is very worried about offending someone. Therefore, the [prson/thing] will take the middle of the road, PC route." Like the Disney link. Disney isn't going to offend Jewish people, athiests, agnostics, muslims, hindus, etc by having a character pray to Jesus Christ in film. They'll use a blanket "ancestors" thing instead, hoping that only people on extreme sides are offended and that the main populous will spend their money.

Likewise, a politician will try to appeal to as many people as they can to get votes. Therefore, they will try to tell people they beleive in God because as that athiest link sarcastically noted, 86% of all US Citizens say they beleive in God! Then they will be hypocrites about their faith, platform, etc, etc. They're just trying to get re-elected.

The real problem isn't anti-athiest or anti-christian. It's the fact that everyone seems to have this belief that they somehow have the right to not be offended. A nativity scene offends you? Sue! Marilyn Manson frightens you? Burn his records in the town square! The 10 Commandments carved in a rock in a courtroom? Oh no!

People need to suck it up and accept that people have beleives you won't agree with, but they have the right to make them. If something Christian offends you, be content to know that you are strong willed enough to resist their attempts at converting you. Likewise, if you're Christian, there's no need to protest a company that is just trying to make money by appealing to a mass audience. Why should they lie and pretend to have Christian ethics when they're a capitalist company who's only love is money? Be glad they're not fooling Christians into giving them their money.

Almost all those athiest points are a result of the "middle of the road, appeal to the masses" pheonominon I described. And for the record, most the rest of those points are idiotic. The Bibles are in hotels because a Christian bought them and put them there, not because hotels are trying to push Christianity (maybe if you opened the front page of one, you'd know that). Churches are every few blocks and athiest centers are rare because ATHIESTS didn't buy the land and build one.

And finally, Darwin was a Christian. He said that the idea that evolution would just happen without a God to start it all was ridiculous (not to sound like a time life operator, but again, read the book)!
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